The Show Must Go – Lyrics

October 5th, 2015 by kyf

For your pleasure, here are the lyrics for the new record (out 25 Oct) with the vowels removed.

t’s mrdr n th dnc flr
wht r ppl fr

Wht’s yr bf
y cn sty
n th clb
dd y ntc
w wrk hrd
y lct
nvdbl ll ft
y sty n

dm dm dm pst pst

rc lft fr Bl r Brghtn
t fnd hrslf, nd sh fnd hrslf
fnd myslf yrs nd yrs g
nd t’s th wrst thng tht’s vr hppnd t m

rc s n th bsnss f crtng dsrs
y knw th knd f dsrs y nvr knw y hd
nw rc hs knck fr rzr-shrp nlyss
nd h xplnd th systm t m
s nw knw tht dn’t knw wht’s hppnng t m

dn’t knw wht ws hpng fr (h’d rthr d, h’s gttng rdy)
Bt ths s nt wht ws hpng fr (hll dth hll dth)


Jy n dprssn
grt grt dprssn
grt grt jy

Strss s vldtn
mntng prssr
grt grt jy

My slf-xplttn
s nt prblm
grt grt jy

Jy n dprssn
grt grt dprssn
grt grt jy

knw wht wnt
chckd th rtngs
th fdbck s gd

knw why ‘m hr
t’s ll bt my xprnc
my frnd’s cmng, t

Y knw ‘v nvstd
y knw wht t d
mk m rdy
t b mrkt-rdy

My frnd thnks thrws
h jst wnts t knw
tht’s ttlly fn
hs dd s spprtv

t’s ll bt my stdnt xprnc
y knw ‘v nvstd n my stdnt xprnc

Y knw ‘v nvstd
y knw wht t d
mk m rdy
t b mrkt-rdy

Mnwhl my frnd
s xprssng n ntrst
n dng th sm
bt wth mr flng

t’s ll bt my stdnt xprnc
y knw ‘v nvstd n my stdnt xprnc

Sclly cnscs cptlsm
Bb’s yr ncl


Y sy tdy gtrs jst sll crs n’t n tm fr n gtr mssh
Bt mss h mss h mss h mss th lctrc snd f dsr
Brng t bck brng t bck cm n brng dng–lng st th ntrnt n fr
Gv m cllctv mns nd mghty ld blst frm nw gtr mssh

Ths pprssv frdm, ths r f vrythng wll fnlly xpr
n sbrb tngr wth gtr wll nc gn bcm rbl mssh – sng t
Brng t bck brng t bck cm n brng dng–lng st th ntrnt n fr
W wnt ttl mns nd mghty ld blst frm nw gtr mssh

ll w nd s dng–lng nd th lctrc snd f dsr
w wnt t gv p vrythng nd fllw th gtr mssh

rc rn mrthn spnsrshp twnty qd
Rnnng fr chrty fr vctms f pvrty

Chrty n ctn
thn bck t yr nclsr
y gt th lv rctn
thn bck t yr nclsr

rc gt nvlvd sv lcl rndbt
Gt mtng wth cncllr sndd vry prmsng

Chrty n ctn
thn bck t yr nclsr
y gt th lv rctn
thn bck t yr nclsr


gh gh gh gh

Ths drn s
ths drn s
ths drn s md f mtl

t hs n ppl
hs n ppl
hs n ppl n t

Ths drn s
ths drn s
ths drn s prfrmnc

t hs n ppl
hs n ppl
hs n ppl n t

Ppl lk tht drn
Thy’r nddng

(V n C!)

Mst d, sm r mmd

mt smn
mt smn
thy’r vry spcl
thy r n tsdr

Thy hv bn gng
fr yrs
th scn s

Ppl r wrd lk tht

r y n rtst? D y nd mny? D y wnt th stt t gv y mny? Ds tht ffrd y th frdm y dsr? Prvt spnsrshp wnts y t b y whl tppng nt yr bndlss fr-thnkng ptntl. Y r bl sky thnkng. Y r nnvtn. Y r fr.

D y thnk?
r thy rlly?
Dd t hlp?
Dd y shr?
Prtly ppl
prtly ppl

Ds t py?
D y bnd?
r thy rlly?

Prtly ppl
hr t th wrhs
shr th xprnc
g ftch pckg

Prtly ppl
hr t th wrhs
s mch bttr
thn prstttn

D y thnk?
r thy rlly?

Dr yth
r plgs.
Y cm scnd
Hy yth
W hv md t
srt f mpssbl
Bt why nt kp tryng?
Hy yth
chck yr prrts
r yr frnds n brd?
Bt th trth, yth
Yr rmntc gstr
s scnd bst
t bst

S, cm n yth
Y knw hw ths wrks
Y knw wht t d
Ptch yr rvlt
Thr’s mrkt fr t



October 1st, 2015 by kyf

We done an interview. It’s here.


September 18th, 2015 by kyf

We are back

July 8th, 2015 by kyf

And just in time! The first song from our new album. In August, you will see the video. It will change your life.


May 5th, 2015 by kyf

Oh! Hi there! Sorry about the silence. We’re still relatively noisy on that FaceBook thing and Tweeter.

Album number 6, the Political Rock album, is finally almost finished. It will be called The Show Must Go and should be with you in October.

We have a few shows coming up in June, and we’re planning a UK/France tour for October. The rest of you will have to wait until next year.

Johannes and Keith have been busy with the German side-project, Erfolg (German for “success”). Here’s a video.

And there’s also an Erfolg album, although buying it outside Germany may be difficult. If you’re desperate, drop us a line. At least you can listen to it on Spotify.

Two Shows!

January 15th, 2014 by kyf

Chappy New Year!

We have 2 shows coming up, one in London and one in Berlin. More details on the Live page.

What is going on?

June 2nd, 2013 by kyf

Good question!

We started the year with a Michael Jackson cover we did for Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany. It is beautiful.

Last month, our remix of Gotye was released on pink vinyl. Listen here!

Panos and Johannes produced the new Seftel album. You can investigate and discover more information here.

Panos (he is so busy) also done a record with Jennifer Walshe.

We’re planning to release a split single with La Batterie in the next few months. It will feature our never-released-summer-hit Tragic Incident.

And meanwhile, progress continues to be made on the next 2 (TWO!!!) Chap records, currently known as The Political Rock Album and The Techno Improv Album Featuring Jennifer Walshe And Other Guest Vocalists.

So there. Now you know what is going on. Any more questions?

Chappy New Year

January 9th, 2013 by kyf

Hi there!

Just to let you know we have a little tour coming up in February, taking in a little of Netherlands, Germany and France. Check the Live page for more details!

Summer Festivals

July 23rd, 2012 by kyf

Oh, look at the Gigs page! We are playing 5 small festivals across Europe really soon! Well done us!

Berlin folks also have a chance to see Panos playing a special concert with Jennifer Walshe next Monday in Neukölln.

We’ve spent most of the summer working on a remix for Gotye. So far there are about 5 different versions, and they just keep coming. But we’re also philosophising about Album Six which is likely to involve us all growing our hair as long as we can (easier for some than for others…).

There’s a French tour planned for September, and we really ought to play a London show around that, so try to keep calm until then…

Suggested Summer listening in the meantime: La Batterie.

Winter Tour Diary – Part 5

March 4th, 2012 by kyf

Hello everybody, this is the Chap tour diary calling.

Just a short entry to tell you that this past week, Keith and Johannes travelled from Berlin to London (Wednesday evening), had a pint of Guinness, then met Panos and loaded the van that Panos had hired in the afternoon, slept for four hours, got up early on Thursday, drove to Paris, played a show supporting Gotye in front of a capacity crowd at the sizeable Bataclan venue, had another four hours’ sleep, got up very early on Friday morning, drove to Manchester, played another support show for Gotye in front of a capacity crowd at the sizeable Ritz venue, hurried off the stage, packed up, loaded the van and drove straight back down to London, unloaded all the gear, returned the van, by which point it was time for Keith and Johannes to get into a taxi to the airport (with a really wild taxi driver whose driving style was, as he informed us, a compensation mechanism for his failed career as a rally driver and who insisted he should become our tour driver and general manager – “pop music is very popular”, he said, “you can advertise your shows on the internet and with flyers and many people will come to see you”) and catch the so-called “fascist flight” (06:25 Ryanair) back to Berlin.

All three of us spent our Saturday in London and Berlin feeling really weird. But it was worth it – we had a lot of fun playing those shows, thank you Gotye and thank you, Gotye’s audience, you’ve all been very very kind to us.

Next up: the official SECOND LEG of our winter/spring tour, starting in Winchester on March the 15th. Bye!