What is going on?

June 2nd, 2013 by kyf

Good question!

We started the year with a Michael Jackson cover we did for Rolling Stone Magazine in Germany. It is beautiful.

Last month, our remix of Gotye was released on pink vinyl. Listen here!

Panos and Johannes produced the new Seftel album. You can investigate and discover more information here.

Panos (he is so busy) also done a record with Jennifer Walshe.

We’re planning to release a split single with La Batterie in the next few months. It will feature our never-released-summer-hit Tragic Incident.

And meanwhile, progress continues to be made on the next 2 (TWO!!!) Chap records, currently known as The Political Rock Album and The Techno Improv Album Featuring Jennifer Walshe And Other Guest Vocalists.

So there. Now you know what is going on. Any more questions?