Winter Tour Diary – Part 5

March 4th, 2012 by kyf

Hello everybody, this is the Chap tour diary calling.

Just a short entry to tell you that this past week, Keith and Johannes travelled from Berlin to London (Wednesday evening), had a pint of Guinness, then met Panos and loaded the van that Panos had hired in the afternoon, slept for four hours, got up early on Thursday, drove to Paris, played a show supporting Gotye in front of a capacity crowd at the sizeable Bataclan venue, had another four hours’ sleep, got up very early on Friday morning, drove to Manchester, played another support show for Gotye in front of a capacity crowd at the sizeable Ritz venue, hurried off the stage, packed up, loaded the van and drove straight back down to London, unloaded all the gear, returned the van, by which point it was time for Keith and Johannes to get into a taxi to the airport (with a really wild taxi driver whose driving style was, as he informed us, a compensation mechanism for his failed career as a rally driver and who insisted he should become our tour driver and general manager – “pop music is very popular”, he said, “you can advertise your shows on the internet and with flyers and many people will come to see you”) and catch the so-called “fascist flight” (06:25 Ryanair) back to Berlin.

All three of us spent our Saturday in London and Berlin feeling really weird. But it was worth it – we had a lot of fun playing those shows, thank you Gotye and thank you, Gotye’s audience, you’ve all been very very kind to us.

Next up: the official SECOND LEG of our winter/spring tour, starting in Winchester on March the 15th. Bye!