Winter Tour Diary – Part 4

February 25th, 2012 by kyf

Hello everybody, it’s the tour diary speaking again; this entry is called “Gimme LEGS”. Strictly speaking, we are not on tour right now but we almost feel that we are, being limboed in a short period between different LEGS of our tour. We had a wonderful time in Turin and on the following day drove all the way back to London. On that long drive we heard that new Madonna single for the first time – it’s nice how M.I.A. and that other girl get to rap for about eight seconds each -, got stopped by French customs police who first did a scan of our van using some crazy scanning truck and then got a sniffer dog to sniff around our van for about half an hour while we stood next to the vehicle, freezing but safe in the knowledge they would not find anything… We finally arrived in London, ate some great soup late at night at Yayla on Green Lanes and the next day some of us flew home to Berlin.

It’s been a fantastic first LEG of the tour, we met loads of fantastic people and ate loads of fantastic food. Can’t wait for the second LEG. Although it starts in the UK and ends in Germany, so less fantastic food there – still, there ‘ll be almost a whole week of France in between. In between now and that second LEG, we will play two special shows: We’ve been asked by Gotye to support him at Paris’ Bataclan (1st of March) and Manchester’s Ritz (2nd of March). They’re both sold out but we felt it’s worth mentioning because those are proper shows at proper grown-up 1500 capacity venues supporting a proper grown-up pop star – not something we get to do very often.

Can’t think of anything else to write, so we’ll just leave you with a video Berit made while we were driving through Switzerland. It is a beautiful document of one of the more tranquil moments we enjoyed on this LEG.