Winter Tour Diary – Part 2

February 13th, 2012 by kyf

Hello everybody, this the Chap tour diary speaking.

By now, we’re a quintet since Claire joined us, we’re in Italy, where it’s less cold and where we’ve had some great food and wine and a very nice show in a very weird business park area in Vigonovo to which the kids flocked in multitude. Despite the fact we had a fair amount of sound problems, the crowd were very well-behaved and supportive – except one guy who later wrote us a very long email accusing us of being too profit-hungry for not being able to afford to bring our own sound engineer and, so the angry man argued, thereby compromising the show by springing our highly complex stage setup on the local sound person. That was a cool email. Us greedy fuckers! It’s true that with a bit of luck we might not lose any money on this tour and we apologise for this. Anyway, readers, just in case you didn’t know: the vast majority of our shows have only very minor sound problems and we have never ever had our own sound engineer. Plus we all have excellent multilingual communication skills and always do our very best to ensure the local sound staff know exactly what to do. Just one last thing on the subject: Last night’s venue is very new and the sound system is far from optimised. The sound engineer himself told us so and apologised profusely for the sound problems and there were no hard feelings. There, I bet you’re relieved now.

Tonight, however, we are in our favourite venue in the entire world ever, a place called CLAN DESTINO in Faenza. The only place known to us which is an haute cuisine restaurant, stylish wine bar and D.I.Y. underground venue all at once. Last time, I literally had tears in my eyes because the food and wine were so incredibly good. Gotta go now, dinner is served.

(Here’s a picture of Keith filling in the PRS form in Vevey)