Winter Tour Diary – Part 1

February 11th, 2012 by kyf

Hello everybody, this is the diary for the Chap winter tour 2012.

Our toes are freezing due to the directional nature of this hire van’s heating system. Dry warm air is blown only into the upper reaches of the vehicle. Glowing faces and dry sinuses combine with mental images of immanent toe amputation.

We’re in Switzerland, which is very nice, we’ve already played one show in Winterthur (starting the winter tour in Winterthur, as I’ll tell anyone who’s listening), which was very nice; our journey here was not as nice since SOMEONE in this van booked our Eurochunnel train ticket for the wrong date. This meant that we had to sit around at Dover for a few hours until being allowed to board a train, thereby missing our planned sleep-over with friends in Lille and having to travel all the way down to Swizzers in one go, all through the night.

Nevertheless, it was still quite a jolly road trip and it involved eating something called RISKY NUTS in dual figure below-zero temperatures at 5 am in a parking lot in Belgium. As I write this, we are about to descend upon the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva to play in Vevey, home town of Nestle and lots of millionaire investment bankers from London who moved here after retiring in their late twenties or something.

Here is a photo of Panos’ ear, taken in the Winterthur venue we played last night. Great venue, great
ear. Ears are the weirdest part of the human body. Bye!