September 25th, 2011 by Jo

Hello everybody!

So far this year, we have been very busy looking both backwards and forwards, taking stock as well as preparing for what lies ahead. I wish I could think of even cheesier ways of expressing this, but my brain is all numb due to regular Codeine intake intended to ease the pain in my right heel that some twit caused by slowly driving his car over it while I was attempting to join the queue to a Tom Vek show at some monstrously hip magazine launch thing the other night. I’m not complaining, though, that was definitely the most interesting way in which I have ever sprained an ankle.

“The most interesting failure in pop history”, on the other hand, is how we recently responded to the task of defining the nature of our band in less than 140 characters, and I am here to tell you, amongst other things, how we intend to celebrate that fact.

We figured that if we were to turn being the most interesting failure in pop history into some form of success, all we would have to do is to just keep going. When sadly misguided fools like us stay around for about twenty years, they will eventually be perceived as “underground legends”.

We are fast approaching the half – way mark on our ever curious voyage to that “bit of an underground ledge” status, so our record label thought it would be a good idea to release a Chap Best Of compilation. The Greatest Hits! How we laughed! But we agreed to do it anyway because it gave us the opportunity to include a new song called ” Campaign Trail” and a new version of our garage rock classic “Le Theme”. Needless to say, we have arranged a number of shows (see “live”) to mark the release. Can’t wait to get back on the road!

So, for those of you unfamiliar with all or some of our previous material, here is an opportunity to catch up and save time! Confusingly, the compilation won’t be called “We are the most interesting failure in pop history” or even “We are halfway to becoming an underground legend”, but instead simply “We Are The Best”! Lo Recordings will release it in a month’s time or so, there will be a single featuring said ” Campaign Trail”.

That single will be a split between our song and “Architects” by  all – round 21st century renaissance man Larry Seftel (aka Seftel) who together with professional partner David Day created the marvellous video to “We’ll See To Your Breakdown” (see below) AND will be directing the video to our song of the split single! Surely you won’t be able to resist such an intricate web of creativity…

BUT, as if all that wasn’t confusing enough, we have also just finished A NEW ALBUM, due for release early next year! Having spent the last ten years dealing in all kinds of semi – humorous referentialism we decided to experiment and make a pop album DEVOID OF IRONY. It’s catchy and simple sounding and we’re loving it! Making it taught us a lot: Mostly, that we will never be REAL  SINGERS. But I guess the fact that it has our voices on it rather than a REAL SINGER’S means our music hasn’t lost its Chappyness.

Anyway, that new album, showing The New Us, will be called “We Are Nobody”. We will attempt to perform a song or two from it during our upcoming tour.

Just to recap:  single, some shows, “We Are The Best”, “We Are Nobody”. Exact release  dates/ 2012 tour dates to follow.

Geez, that was exhausting.