we work in bars video

August 11th, 2010 by Jo

Hello, as some of you may have noticed, we recently released an album called “Well Done Europe” . On it, there is a little song called “We Work In Bars”. It’s about people who work in bars. Bingo! Our friend Harry Rambaut recently shot a video for it, featuring us – in a pub!
Being pretty rad n unconventional types, we’re unleashing the video to that song NOW, although it came out months ago and has since been followed by ANOTHER single with another video. But then, this here video is all stop frame live action, i.e. Harry made us spend many mornings in that particular pub, only to throw buckets of water and pints of ale at us, make us change seats and facial expressions every five seconds for hours on end or get us to fall off a bar stool in twenty stages. In short: it took a long time to make. Here it is. Enjoy!

P.S. : another video for another song is underway. Apparently, a whole team of professionals is working on it around the clock since it’s rather complicated to make. More soon.