List with a difference no. 1

March 31st, 2010 by Jo

Like many fellow music groups, we frequently find ourselves in transit, in between cities, up in the air, down on the ground, across the sea. When in transit, one needs distraction. We, a tired crew of anti–Prousts, not searching for lost time, but wishing to lose track of it – know the horrors of being undistracted in a touring van.

We manage to avoid them: by creating fun and interesting  “lists with a difference”. Please find one below. See what we did there? (sorry)

Dark Side Of The Rectum (by Pink Rectum)
Rectum For Nothing (by Dire Rectum)
Crooked Rectum, Crooked Rectum ( by Rectum)
Rectum Nation ( by Sonic Rectum)
Buffalo Rectum ( by Bob Rectum)
Sympathy For The Rectum ( by the Rolling Rectum)
See Rectum, Feel Rectum, Touch Rectum, Heal Rectum ( by The Rectum)
Smoke On The Rectum ( by Deep Rectum)
Safe From Rectum ( by Massive Rectum)
Fight The Rectum (by Public Rectum)
Once In A Rectum (by Talking Rectum)
Sexual Rectum ( by Rectum Gaye)
Ok Rectum (by Rectumhead)
Rectum in the UK ( by The Sex Rectum)
Rectum In America (by Superrectum)
The Number Of The Rectum (by Iron Rectum)
Iron Rectum ( by Black Rectum)
Black Magic Rectum ( by Rectum Mac)
Rectum Time Rectum Place ( by Rectum From Blechdom)
Actionist Rectum ( by Rectum On Mars)
I Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Rectum ( by Rectum Minogue)
All Along The Rectum ( by Rectum Dylan)
Rectum Deep Mountain High ( by Ike And Tina Rectum)
I’ve Got You Rectum ( by Rectum And Cher)
You Sexy Rectum ( by Rectum Chocolate)
One Life Rectum ( by Hot Rectum)
Rectum Ocra ( by Dirty Rectum)
Rectum Snacks ( by Fun Lovin’ Rectum)
Ricky Don’t Lose That Rectum ( by Steely Rectum)
Rectum Of The Holy ( by Led Rectum)
Virginia Rectum ( by Rectum Music)
Another Green Rectum ( by Brian Rectum)
Relight My Rectum ( by Take Rectum)
Let Rectum Entertain You ( by Robbie Rectum)
It Is A Man’s Rectum ( by Rectum Brown)