Builders Brew Lyrics

Proper Rock

Outer space is not a better place, Grace,
Proper songs for real folk,
Art, art, art, don’t make no rave, Dave,
Proper songs about girls and clubbing (clubbing)

Tell it like the way it is, Liz,
Proper songs, real emotions,
Massive tunes, put ’em on your pod, Rod,
Proper songs about girls and clubbing

Proper rock, don’t disappear to…
Realistic scenarios!
For you and me!
And the man on the street!

Young And Joyful Bandit

Young and joyful bandit,
Hiding unknown to fears,
Your song’s in the desert,
Wolf hunting copse to tears
Ha-la-la La-la-la

Un Deux Trois Boxen
Un deux trois boxen
In the face

Brace Brace

Since the, since the bomb
Nothing, nothing’s changed
I’ve always cycled
Nothing, nothing’s changed

Let’s just keep calm, boys
A little calm won’t do no harm, girl
Brace brace is the new regime
Be a high-rate saver
(And join the team!)

Don’t lose your chains, uh
Keep a good tongue in your head
If you prove a mutineer
(The next tree!)

Nice Face

Uh, coolie! Mmmmm! Uh

Nice face,
Shame about the haircut
Good body
Bad conversation